Piano Chords

Piano Chords 1.6

Piano Chords is a handy and free virtual piano application

Piano Chords is a handy virtual piano application that helps you learn to play the piano or improve and practice your piano playing skills. This smart application lets you develop your piano playing capabilities even if you don’t have access to a real piano, just by using your computer.

Piano Chords is very easy-to-use and self-explanatory. Its intuitive interface displays a virtual piano that can be controlled using the keyboard or the mouse. Furthermore, it comprehensibly displays all the used notes and scales, letting you control the key tone, scale, and chords to your liking. Even though using it is already a simple job, Piano Chords also includes a comprehensive help manual.

Piano Chords is actually quite simple and lightweight. There are no intricate settings or unneeded features that would overcomplicate it. It also comes with a multilingual interface that supports English, Spanish, and German.

To sum it all up, Piano Chords is a really nice piano learning tool that also comes with an unbeatable price: it is completely free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Easy-to-use
  • Lets you change the key tone, scale, and chords to your liking


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